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As a young and agile, quality driven training provider, end to end digital delivery of teaching and learning is extremely important. UKSA are focused on learner outcomes and ensuring their learners have the best experience every time. After a thorough review of the platforms available the company’s directors all agreed that Bud is the best platform for supporting their objective of providing fully digitised or blended learning. Gemma Beech, Director at UKSA said: “As a young company we were able start with a blank canvas. I have used most training management platforms during my career, and I knew from experience that Bud was the right choice. Bud is the only platform that replicates the high-quality digital apprenticeships that we will be delivering, it reflects the essence of our company, who we are and what we do.” Keeping administrative resource low, removing paper requirements whilst ensuring compliance was a high priority for UKSA. Bud’s workflows ensure these goals are met and leaves managers safe in the knowledge that trainers can’t go wrong, they will remain compliant and delivery will be consistent. As a company of Cyber experts who are experienced in delivering government funded Cyber support and training for businesses UKSA were well placed to test the security within the Bud platform. Gemma Beech said: “Bud more than met the mark for what we required”.

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