Merger Announcement Letter

UK Skills Academy | 24th of April 2023   UK Skills Academy announces its expansion by taking over the training departments of North West Skills Academy including net zero leader, Low Carbon Academy We are delighted to announce the eagerly anticipated merge of the training departments of North West Skills Academy including the Low Carbon Academy into UK Skills Academy forming a forward thinking training organisation that responds to the skills needs of today and the future delivering Digital, Low Carbon and Construction skills all under one roof. The national organisation based in Lancashire will become the leading provider for these three priority sectors. Combining 10 years of Construction NVQ and Low Carbon training into the early successes of UK Skills Academy is a move that creates an organisation that has the proven experience and capacity that local and national government can rely on to deliver their priorities. The business has expertise in apprenticeships, commercial training, and funded provision. Commissioners and employers can be confident in its combined track record, success rates, focus on quality and agility to deliver various funded schemes such as UK Shared Prosperity Fund. Gemma Beech, Managing Director of UK Skills Academy will be stepping up as CEO, leading the entirety of the merged brands, with Samuel Riley resigning from the North West Skills Academy and Low Carbon Academy training departments to focus entirely on his current role as CEO and the growth of Construction EPA Company. This decision comes after much planning and consideration from both Samuel and Gemma and for the team members of both organisations to elevate and optimise support for the evolution of skills within an everchanging skills landscape benefitting both learner and employers alike.   Gemma Beech, CEO of UK Skills Academy said of the upcoming changes:
“Myself and the team at UKSA are delighted to welcome our new employees. We have been closely working cross company for some 6 months now, but much longer in terms of the leadership teams and compliance. As two businesses we share the same values and grow the same culture and working practices and we offer similar funded training through government and end user desired sector routes. Bringing both businesses together means we can expand are cross offering to businesses on our mission to support governments plans for Net Zero and to support the emerging development trends around Digital, Low Carbon and Construction. For all of our learners, participants, employers and supply chain , nothing will change. Our services, commitments, processes, and policies remain the same. The feedback cross companies has been really positive, and I would like to thank everything involved and welcome our new people.
  Both merging organisations / departments were founded by Samuel Riley. Since Gemma Beech joined, the businesses have gone from strength to strength. Gemma has a proven ability to deliver a quality offer with a passion for learner outcomes. Samuel and Gemma share a commitment to providing a nurturing culture and enjoy seeing their employees grow and progress their careers which the merger supports. Uniting the expertise of both organisations under one brand allows a more effective movement of innovation and responsiveness elevating the quality of education and expanded offer available. Employers, learners and commissioners will benefit from attaining a plethora of services under one roof and one point of contact that looks to resolve industry skills gaps.   Samuel Riley, CEO of Construction EPA Company and founder of UK Skills Academy, North West Skills Academy and Low Carbon Academy expresses his excitement for the future of the organisations.
The landscape of the private training provider market is ever evolving, and I believe the merger presents an opportunity for growth and sustainability in a time of change in the way skills funding is delivered. I am also a great believer in doing few things well as opposed to lots of things at an average level. Without Gemma this move would not be possible. I fully trust and believe in her professional ability and kindhearted nature to continue the success we have experienced over the years whilst maintaining a happy culture for all our people. I want to thank every single person I have had the pleasure of sharing my career with over the last 10 years. I am now ready to pursue, on a permanent basis my true passion for End-Point Assessment (EPA). I started my career as an apprentice plasterer, and I know the value apprenticeships can offer if you are willing to work hard. EPA is exactly what apprenticeships needed especially in Construction. Whilst leaving wasn’t an easy decision, I am totally committed and determined to positively disrupt the EPA offer in Construction and The Built Environment. I can only do that if I give it my full attention. I am really excited for the future of Construction EPA Company as a standalone business.”
  North West Skills Academy and Low Carbon Academy whilst overcoming changes in government, the rigorous attainment of funding, policy changes, Brexit and a pandemic have:
  • Delivered over £20,000,000 of skills funding to upskill 10,000+ individuals.
  • Certificated 9,000+ NVQs and 1,000+ short courses in Construction & Retrofit across the UK with a 100% clean sheet for quality with awarding bodies.
  • Provided careers for people who have had babies, got engaged & married, bought houses and provided for their families
  UK Skills Academy born through Covid 19, with an ethos of “Right learner, Right programme” had a strong and successful Ofsted New provider monitoring visit, are Matrix accredited and have growth their brand from strength to strength since their re-launch in Aug 2020.
  • Delivered over 200 courses to those in unemployment through Covid 19 and those who needed upskilling to gain new roles and employments.
  • Secured £2m upskilling ESF programme and delivered digital skills training to over 700 candidates across Greater Manchester
  • Launches 6 innovative digital and progression apprenticeship standards, with all in house curriculum delivered by sector experts.
  Media Contact Niall Dayus Marketing 07706 360 162

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Merger Announcement Letter
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