Commercial Digital Courses

Now is the perfect time to upskill your workforce, re-train to regain employment or just upskill yourself with new skills and knowledge. UK Skills Academy are offering fully funded courses to business and individuals across a range of Digital and Cyber Security courses. Our courses are funded through Skills Support for the workforce and Adult Education funding and delivered through a fully digitalised enrolment and learning process.

Level 2 Diploma In Business Beginners In Cyber Security

Whether in our personal lives or at work, cyber security awareness is important for us all. The digital revolution presents huge advantages, but also brings new risks that we need to understand, and tackle given our increasing dependence on cyberspace. There has never been a better time to learn more about cyber security.

Level 2 Certificate in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is currently one of the fastest growing industries across the world. With channels and activities developing all the time there is a huge need to stay up to date and on track with your marketing. This is a great time to develop digital marketing skills with pto-date information on current trends and techniques to support your future career.

Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills

IT user skills are a major part of our everyday lives and most employment sectors will require you to have these on some level. This course will not only support your understanding of the most commonly used IT software within business, but it will also give you he confidence to perform a range of asks using these.

Level 2 Digital Skills in Employment

Digital skills are now required in some capacity across all employment sectors as business evolve and keep up with the technological changes of our time. This course will ensure you have the relevant knowledge and skills to work with a range of digital tools safely and securely whilst supporting your development towards your future career.

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