Digital Skills for Employment ‘Pick and Mix’

About the training

Our digital ‘Pick and Mix’ training course offers a comprehensive and interactive learning experience designed to equip participants with essential digital skills for today’s rapidly evolving landscape. Through a blend of self-learning and engaging modules, hands-on exercises with a tutor, and quizzes, learners delve into topics ranging from programming fundamentals to data analytics and cyber security principles. With the flexibility to learn at their own pace and access course materials from any device, learners gain valuable insights and practical knowledge to excel in various industries.

Who is the course aimed at?

Whether someone is looking to start their digital skills journey or advance into Level 3 – we have a flexible course to meet your needs. You can sharpen your coding abilities, improve your digital marketing strategies, or simply gain a better understanding of emerging technologies, our courses offer comprehensive instruction and hands-on practice to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in today’s digital-driven world.

How it works

Choose any 1-3 modules, from the list below, to make up your bespoke, flexible learning plan which will begin after enrolment.

Eligibility criteria

How long will it take?

Your chosen modules will run up to 4  weeks. You will be assigned a coach for training, time for self learning and 1:1s for support.

Level 2 Modules:

Digital Marketing for Business

Email Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Social Media Marketing

Developing Digital Career Skills

Digital Communication and Productivity

Digital Data, Communications and Collaborations

Digital Skills Introduction

Safety and Security when using Digital Devices for Beginners

Improving Productivity Using IT for Beginners

Internet Safety for IT Users

IT Communication Fundamentals for Beginners

Presentation Software for Beginners

Spreadsheet Software for Beginners

Using Microsoft Word for Beginners

Introduction to Cyber Security

Understand Common Threats to Cyber Security

Understand Legal and Ethical Aspects of Cyber Security

Understand Methods of Maintaining Cyber Security

Understand Terminology in Cyber Security

Level 3 Modules:

Collection, Processing and Preparation of Data

Communication and Presentation of Data

Interpretation of Data

Introduction to Data Analytics

The Role of a Data Analyst

Digital Marketing Management for Business

Email Marketing and Tools for Managers

Marketing Analysis and Evaluation for Managers

Marketing Strategies for Business

Social Media Marketing and Tools for Managers

Understanding SEO and Content Marketing for Managers

Threat Intelligence in Cyber Security

Legislation and Ethical Conduct in Cyber Security

Digital Management of Information

Digital Sales for Business

Digital Security

Managing Digital Projects

Personal and Professional Digital Development for Managers

Advanced – Data Management Software

Advanced – IT Communication Fundamentals

Advanced – Presentation Software

Advanced – Spreadsheet Software

Advanced – Using Email

Advanced – Using the Internet

Understanding the Potential of IT

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