End-point assessments


Your End-point assessment is a holistic and independent assessment of the knowledge, skills and behaviours that have been learnt throughout an apprenticeship standard. The requirements for end-point assessment are set out in the assessment plan for the specific standard. 

Apprentices will not be able to achieve an apprenticeship standard without satisfying all the requirements of the assessment plan, including the end-point assessment. An apprentice can only take the end-point assessment once they have met the minimum duration of an apprenticeship, satisfied the gateway requirements set out in the assessment plan and their employer (in consultation with the training provider) is content they have attained sufficient skills, knowledge and behaviours.

Your employer will select an apprentice assessment organisation to deliver the end-point assessment from the Register of apprentice assessment organisations (RoAAO), although your designated UK Skills academy Trainer will be involved in arrangements for end-point assessment, the assessment itself must be independent. The end-point assessment requirements are set out in the assessment plan for the standard.

Some assessment plans give the employer and the Trainer specific roles but Trainers who have delivered the training cannot make end-point assessment judgement for that same group of apprentices. The only exception to this rule is any standard identified as an ‘integrated standard’. The apprentice assessment organisation in these cases may also be the provider.

We will contract with the apprentice assessment organisation that has been selected by the employer and have a written agreement in place. This written agreement will set out the arrangements for sharing relevant information about the apprentice, so end-point assessment and certification can take place, including arrangements for any re-takes and payments.

The Trainer will engage actively with any request for information from the external body, where applicable.

The end-point assessment can only be taken after the minimum duration has been completed. The Trainer must ensure that the entire duration of the apprenticeship standard for both training and end-point assessment is recorded on the ILR as a minimum of 372 days to be eligible for funding.

Kick Start Scheme

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