Level 3 Energy and Efficiency

Why Energy and Efficiency?

This vocationally-focused qualification is designed to instill individuals with the ability to identify and comprehend the knowledge, skills, and materials relevant to installing and retrofitting energy efficiency measures in traditional (pre-1919) buildings. Its purpose is to provide learners with a recognised qualification in the field of energy efficiency.

Who is the course aimed at?

The Level 3 qualification offered is intricately tailored to cater to individuals aged 18 years and above, particularly those already immersed in the construction sector, equipped with prior knowledge and hands-on familiarity. Nonetheless, this comprehensive program remains open to the prospect of embracing newcomers venturing into the realm of energy efficiency measures installation.

What you will learn

Learning environment

Our courses are flexible and bespoke that best benefits the requirements needed in your day-to-day! Delivered online via teams or face-to-face if a cohort desires.

Eligibility criteria

There are no formal entry requirements for learners undertaking this qualification, however, experience in the construction industry would be a benefit.

How long will it take?

You can complete the course over a three-day period, followed by a one-day tutor-led session.


This qualification is assessed via a multiple-choice examination.

Benefits to your business

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