Level 3 Sustainability Administrator

A Sustainability Administrator will play an integral role in supporting the delivery of long-term sustainability initiatives in any department – in accordance to NET ZERO goals. Typically reporting to a Sustainability Manager, you will be managing the administration of sustainability projects (from a department perspective).

Aim of the course

A Sustainable Administrator apprenticeship is a professional development programme that specialises in training the skills to implement sustainable practices within an organisation, according to UN goals. This role focuses on incorporating environmentally friendly and socially responsible strategies into business operations, with the aim of minimising the organisation’s ecological footprint and maximising positive social impact and productivity.


Once completed, learners will have gained a nationally recognised Level 3 Sustainability Administrator Apprenticeship Standard.

Key Learning Points

This apprenticeship is designed to give you comprehensive knowledge about what it takes to be a professional sustainability administrator. Over the course of your learning journey you will become an expert in 16 required modules, including:

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