Level 3 Sustainability Leader

Are you passionate about making a positive impact on the world while building a rewarding career? 

Sustainability is becoming a global business disruptor, businesses are making dramatic changes to align their operations with sustainability targets. Our Sustainability Leadership Apprenticeship Programmes offer a unique opportunity to merge professional growth with sustainability, contributing to a better future for our planet. With our Sustainability Leader Apprenticeship, you can gain essential skills in sustainable practices through hands-on experience and collaboration with experts on real-world projects. These tailor-made apprenticeships cater to various sectors, providing transferable skills to boost your career prospects. As sustainability becomes increasingly vital for businesses and society, investing in a sustainable apprenticeship can future-proof your career while making a positive difference.


Aim of the course

The Unlock your potential as a manager with the Level 3 Sustainability Lead Apprenticeship. Tailored for both supervisory and first-line managers, this comprehensive program equips you with practical knowledge and skills, spaning from effective team leadership to efficient projects and resource management. Embark on your management journey with confidence with UK Skills Academy, armed with the essential tools needed to excel in the field of sustainability – in accordance to NET Zero goals. 

Overall, a Sustainability Leader/Supervisor apprenticeship program provides a structured and immersive learning experience that combines theoretical knowledge, practical training, and industry insights. We work alongside the parameter of your position, sector, and department creating a bespoke programme to rightskill your way into a thriving career and implementing a positive change.


Once completed, learner will have gained a nationally recognised Sustainability Leadership Apprenticeship Standard.

Key Learning Points

This apprenticeship is designed to give you comprehensive knowledge about what it takes to be a professional sustainability leader. Over the course of your learning journey you will become an expert in 10 required modules, including:

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